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When you’re choosing precedents to suit and inspire your projects, think beyond the surface… What exactly are these building’s demonstrating through their physical form? 


 The Optical Glass House - Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP


Dappling light refracted through a double-height wall of glass blocks, conceals an elevated courtyard in the heart of downtown Hiroshima. 

Through the manipulation of natural light, "The facade appears like a waterfall flowing downward, scattering light and filling the air with freshness," said the architect.



With the help of the Portfolio Accelerator, here's how Emily (one of our customers), transformed the way she approached the precedent in an exploration study into The Optical Glass House:

Using glass bricks to diffuse light entering into a private spa treatment room

The density of the blocks blur the visual connection between adjacent spaces and minimise sound gains, offering a solution to sound buffering to create private, tranquil spaces.



The Optical Glass house diffuses the boundary between the busy street and garden, creating silence through the acoustic performance of the 6000 solid glass bricks.




The courtyard is used as a spatial divide, layering spaces to set the residential use back from the street, creating privacy and tranquility. 



The Portfolio Accelerator helped Emily visually convey her ideas and produce architectural drawings. Because of the efficiency created using the Portfolio Accelerator, she had the freedom to spend time studying the precedent and draw out her own ideas whilst developing her scheme to integrate these ideas in a fraction of the time she would typically spend.


Emily received recognition for her work, her revived and captivating design concepts received a lot of praise and positive feedback and is frequently made an example of within her studio and is now excited to embark on her final year studying Architecture.


Well done Emily!


Here's a *sneak preview* into the Portfolio Accelerator 3.0 | UPLEVEL